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Wednesday, 1 de April, 2020

Helping Wader and Shorebirds

Title: Helping Wader and Shorebirds

I have decided to donate between 100% to 50% of the sale price of my wader / shorebird artworks in collaboration with the Charity Wader Quest as part of my "art for conservation" project. 

Wader Quest's mission is to promote the conservation and protection of waders or shorebirds, supporting wader conservation projects around the world that promote the wellbeing and survival of waders. Fundraising and raising awareness are core to Wader Quest's aims in light of the precarious position in which so many wader species find themselves these days. 

I met Rick and Elis Simpson from Wader Quest at the British Bird Fair in 2018. Since then I have followed their projects which they manage with passion and great energy. Many of their projects, like that of the Magellanic Plovers in South America, need funding to continue. There is a constant need for support for Wader Quest projects and I would like to help.

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Helping Wader and Shorebirds