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Art for Conservation

Paint only to decorate, definitely doesn’t satisfy this young girl aspirations. Heidi’s conservation purpose is the necessary complement to transform a project into her passion.

Argentina is a summary of environments of the planet Earth. That particularity is reflected in a privileged diversity of birds that reaches around 1000 species.

The marriage of Horneros, architects by nature, dress each year a new lamppost or fence with its emblematic nest that resemble an old wood-fired oven. The Red Knot (Calidris Canutus Rufa) flies more than 14,000 km from the Arctic to spend the summer on the south beaches of Argentina. And the Emperor Penguin, dresses glamorous Argentina's inhospitable Antarctic, who knows how much longer.

How much does the world know of the existence of the wild hideout of the end of the world? Who doesn’t want to become enchanted with these birds at home but at the same time, know that the species enjoy their freedom? How to help birds in danger so that they continue to colour the landscape?

Heidi is determined to show with her artwork worldwide the amazing Bird Wildlife from her land and with the sales of paintings help, in collaboration with organizations and interested parties, to the conservation of birds trough her motto “Art for Conservation”.

"We value Heidi's work very much. We appreciate her great precision to represent the characteristics of our birds and her interest to make -Art for Conservation- in a collaborative way” - Hernán Casañas, Director of Aves Argentinas.

"Someone, thinking about the need to recompose the communication of man with nature, tought about Heidi by giving sensivity and talent as a gift to translate the preservation message.

Thank you Heidi for your vocation and generosity in doing what you feel for the endangered species." - Gustavo Puente - President of Aves Gualeguaychú

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To contact Heidi Lots via e-mail, you could send her a message using this form.

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To contact Heidi Lots via e-mail, you could send her a message using this form.

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